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    Advice: living above a nail bar and nail bar smells

    I think if i was me I would talk to everyone in the building and see whos smelling it. I would get everyone who is smelling it to sign a petition and give it to the landlord. You can let him know that these are all the people who arent smelling it, and if things arent changed to an odourless...
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    Names for the salon - choose the best one :)

    The Lilac Room
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    New Barry M polish

    I remember a loooong time ago my mom bought something just like that. I think it was Cover Girl though. I think it was just called "Crackle" or something along those line. I dont think they make it anymore though. From what I remember the Cover Girl one was horrible and I dont remember it...
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    How to impress American clients ?

    you do realize not all americans are like your mother in law right?
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    Minx pictures...please help

    Even real? That is the Minx official website. Just because Sweet Squared is a Minx distributor it does not mean they will have every single style of Minx.
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    What to do?

    I cant give you an opinion because i have not even trained yet. But from everything that I have read on here over the past few months, it seems..... - Most people choose CND over anything else if they have the opportunity to. - Most people end up doing a conversion course for CND if they have...
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    NSI versus En Vogue Gel Systems

    I am also curious about En Vogue products as there is a 7 week Nail Tech course they offer here that I think I am going to take. So I am just curious about what other people think about the product....for learning to use for a first timer and just what peoples general opinion is about En Vogue...
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    Solar Oil.

    Well that sold me. Since I havent looked into it, I didnt know what it was all about. Im going to have to see if I can find it now :)
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    Yellow Nails?

    Well I am aware of that. But thank you for the help anyways :) I have been using Seche Clear Base Coat - No Formaldehyde and no Toluene. I think I will just try a different product.
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    No prob! When im done school and have some experience, I would like to have a set up of my own...

    No prob! When im done school and have some experience, I would like to have a set up of my own as well. Yours is the best ive seen so far, I love it! ^_^
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    Yellow Nails?

    My nails are slowly turning yellow! I am not a smoker and I dont have any health issues, so why are my nails turning yellow? Whenever I put nail polish on, I always use a base coat. Should I switch to a different base coat? Could that be making my nails turn yellow? It bothers me because I...
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    I love your cabin set up! It looks awesome :)

    I love your cabin set up! It looks awesome :)
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    My Website

    The link doesnt work for me either. I would love to see your website though!
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    Which One?

    From what I have learned from this forum is that people can give you advice and try to help you out, but in the end it seems to come down to research. I pretty much asked the same question as you and only got a few replies. Some were helpful, but I found the best thing for me was just...
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    tint stains!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think everyone assumes that your sister doesnt wear gloves because you said: "sister is a hairdresser and gets very badly tint stained nails" When I read that, I also assumed she doesnt wear gloves. It sounds like she ALWAYS has tint all over her hands and nails. So either it really...