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    Chris what tan solution you using at present?

    Chris what tan solution you using at present?
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    Helloooooo! Hows things Sherry? Decided to pop my nose around the door and who did i find but...

    Helloooooo! Hows things Sherry? Decided to pop my nose around the door and who did i find but you lol xx
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    Sienna x Spray tanning

    I charge £20 for a sienna tan cannot help with the fake bake qustion i am afriad
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    Happy Geek Day!

    Sorry for the late reply but wishing you all at Salongeek a very happy Birthday xx
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    Spray Tanning - I need a new gun and solution...pls help!

    if you dont have the nozzle round the opposite it way it will go patchy with the bronzer as it doesnt pick up all the solution when you tip it at an angle. To clean it you just ahve to pump water through thsi one as well, try it and see hwo you get on. if not i have a truespray surplus to...
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    Vibrating sunbeds????

    Well the sunbed always makes me ddaydream of beaches because of the heat now i could ahve the sex thrown in as well lol. sorry had to lower the tone x
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    Spray tanning?

    Also you dont want to buy too much in bulk as the solution is out of date after a year, you alo need to rearch your target audience as well, which age group are you aiming for, how many other tanners in your area, what they use and how much they charge. HTH
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    Tantrick or Sienna??????????

    Try them both and see how they wear, think what is it your customers want froma tan good colour or lasting tan. Personaly for me sienna excedes all my expectations, their customer service has been second to none, fixing my machine for me and sending me little things to try on my clients...
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    Fish pedicure article

    i tried to get some of these a couple of years ago i fancied the idea of lots of little fishies nibbling the dead skin cells but couldnt import them let alone use them on customers still think its a great idea and would be very relaxing. they dont eat live skin only dead unlike pihranas lol
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    Spray Tan Trainers Required

    Hi there i am in the essex area and have been tanning for a couple of years now, i work in education at the moment and have the full teaching qualifications. feel free to pm me if i can be of any help
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    Doug Schoon - 3D journey into the nail plate!

    i think it sounds fantastic i would love to go virtualy into the nail plate and travel lol
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    Tanning for a wedding?

    Tan Thursday for a saturday wedding and tan from below her armpit and let the overspray darken that area slightly then there wont be any rubbing off
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    Happy birthday Nailsinlondon

    Happy Birthday my old mucker x
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    Spray tan machine

    Dear all i've been tanning for a few years now and new training always helps us learn new techniques which is good. but to be honest i am so suprised that you haven't had any joy with sienna, i have to say i have always had excellent customer service from them and nothing is too much...