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  • Hello Nat

    I know you added me as a friend ages ago, sorry I haven't replied to you for ages but I totally forgot about this site :p

    I'm on facebook and mypsace, if you are on any of them and want to add me, here's my email address and you can find me on them sites with it.

    Anyway I hope you're well & you have a great Christmas!

    Loasda luv'n all that stuff, Sam x
    hey hun,
    Booked on to the sept 22 course in london well excited hows your course going???
    can i be nosey and ask what you go in your kit lol??? How you finding it? any thing you have founf difficult yet babe???
    ARRhhhh i bet your loving it!!!
    havent yet booked as i gotta get the cash together got half so not far off... also i need to call them when i book because i cant get there for 10 am as i have ickle ones i gotta get to school for 9 and live in croydon so public transport all the way is about 2 hrs or sooo.... i hope they know a way of getting round the 10am start thats the only worry.
    I sooo cant wait really cant. its something i have always like the sound of but never looked into it!
    Duh, of course, you're in The Wirrell aren't you! I think any excuse to go shopping is good, lol! And yeah, next time you're at your dad's we'll see if we can get together for a coffeeand perhaps some lunch? I know Sandra wants to meet up too. Not long til you start your course now! You'll have a great time. There's a lot to take in and a booklet that I'm trying to read and take notes from, cos next time there's my written exam to contend with (eek) but it's defo worth it in my opinion :)
    Thanks Nat, I'm really pleased with how they went :)
    I saw Karren who's a geek tonight, and she's been doing it years, knows Gigi, Amanda Fontanerossa and is all round fab, and she said even my first nails, she would be pleased to see them coming out of a salon!
    The girls who are on my course even accused me on Wednesday of being a mystery shopper, lol!
    Having a blast though, you'll really enjoy yours :) xx
    hello, i saw that you are looking to do training in nails with cnd.... have you booked it yet? im in the same boat waiting to get money together before i can get on it.

    just thought id message ya!
    Thanks for your understanding hun and yes feel free to pick my brains any time you need to xxx
    Hi Nat
    I have asked pips for you, she would have done but she is on holiday the last week of sept so said she wouldn't be able to do it,
    if i think of anyone else i will let you know, so sorry to let you down hun xxx
    Yes i will ask her for you hun, not sure if she is online at the mo as she has custody of her grandson and he has been ill but i will let you know as soon as i know, i promise i wont keep you waiting xx
    Hi Hun
    Sorry for not getting back to you, i am doing a charity tanathon this weekend and have been run ragged trying to get things organised,
    i should be ok for the 17th sept as that is a wednesday and i tend to be quiet on that day but the other 2 fall on a thurs and fri and i have regular clients that are booked for months in advance for these days so would not be able to help but i bet my mate pips would help you out, she is a geek on here, you can pm her or if you would rather i will ask her for you hth xxx
    Golly I can imagine!! I wouldnt be able to do that!! hehe!!

    Well u obv booked urself on good training and u seem 2have a lot of passion so thats great!

    Are you just going to do nails or anything more in the future?? x x
    You will love it!! Thats why i went on the course, it was a gift!! Bt now i love it already!!

    I love my job but this is sooo good 2!! x x
    LOL - dont get me started!! I love facebook!! My partner hates it when i get the laptop out hehhehe!!

    Ummm i passed a month ish ago!! In manicure and pedicure and been doing it on family etc since but am now doing it on more people now and loving it!! =)

    Is this wat u want to do fulltime?? x x
    i will have to check my next appointment book that is in the filing cabinet at work,
    the current one that i am using only goes to the end of aug, i will let you know for sure as soon as i know hun xxx
    Hi Nat
    fingers crossed for you that you will be able to a place for the sept course,
    yes love let me know the dates that you will need a model and if I'm not booked with clients i will let you use my hands hun xxx
    I see you are on the Wirral, I am just back from the show today, back again tomorrow. I am running a chocolate fountain in the big marquee. Call in and say hello, there are 2 fountains, just ask for posh floss, my company name is chocolate fountains by posh floss, real name Angela, hope you can come, it is a brill show. Lotsa luv x
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