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    Major interview

    I've got a trade test for a massive salon next week too...i know how you feel...theres a girl in this salon who came 8th in hairdresser of the year...eep! Good Luck....let us know how you get on! ...little fishes have got to start somewhere :) Sent from my GT-I9100 using SalonGeek
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    Bridal prices

    bridal hair....charge them for a package per client ie bride, bridesmaid etc..or set them a price for the trials...say £25 each for an example...then on the day charge by the salon charges £35 per hour on the day of the wedding...hope this helps :) Sent from my GT-I9100 using SalonGeek
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    Advice for a French pleat? Struggling a lot

    french pleats were the worst when I was training... Your pic looks good though! shouldnt beat yourself up best advice...just keep practicing it looks great! xx Sent from my GT-I9100 using SalonGeek
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    opinion on a colour?

    on thursday... i have a client coming in wanting to completely change her colour.... I have tried using colour removers before but I wanted to ask some advice as someone told me bleach bathing is better (mixing bleach with a small amount of shampoo on to towel dried hair) is this more damaging...
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    Crazy Colour

    I've been experimenting with these colours for quite a few years on all different clients with all different colours personally if you pick a deeperor darker shade of violet the longer it will last...I can reccommend a make called Manic Panic ....its an american range...I tried out the vampire...
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    Advice on colour vs highlights on my own hair

    Personally if your darker naturally you shud stay closer to your natural hair colour rather than doing the colours are naughty do not use them! Also your hairdresser uses a cap? Right? How long is your hair? If it's any longer than 3 inches long you should be having foils as caps...
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    Bank Loan for Start Up Salons...

    You can apply by going to your local job centre my local area don't qualify as it's too smaller area just give it a bash you never know and as I money is good money! X Posted via Mobile Device
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    Static fine hair

    I reccommend Smooth shot shampoo and conditioner by fudge to tame fly away hair and there head bath conditioning treatment which is light enough not to leave hair flat! x
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    Going from mobile to renting a room

    I reccommend a well organized appointment took me a while to get used to it! oh..and cleaning products...anti bac...polish...and sink cleaner and a nice air freshener wont go a miss...even though the candles will smell wonderful! :lick: sorry if this sounds stupid, I'm in a wierd...
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    Bank Loan for Start Up Salons...

    have you thought about applying for a small business grant!? you never know you might qualify and your never have to pay it back...yay for the government! x
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    Problems with Salon owner....

    ohhh....cheeky cow! Its not your fault that she has no money... I would refuse to use the card machine! I have a small room in the back of a gent salons and I dont use the card machine I take cash only and I pay my rent once a week with a check...keep it simple...whats yours is yours!! have...
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    Nasty client threatening me

    I know I'm not a nail technican but being a hairdresser I've had the odd one try to pull a stunt like this...let her run her mouth you dont want people like her in your salon anyway... let someone else deal with her... you explained they were far too long and 2 weeks for infils left them 4 weeks...
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    basic colour info

    thats what I was taught too!
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    Help please I'm not a hairdresser

    fudge salt spray! brilliant! x
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    How do i get rid of this PINK!!

    I would just put a 10 vol bleach on it should lift right out! or if you can get anything weaker like 7.5% or 3% the weaker the better it shud dissappear in moments! or just water it down! hope this helps! :D