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  • I havent found beautiful shoes that arent ;) thank you, thats really nice of you to say xxx
    Thanks for the lovely pic comments. The shoes are Ironfist... i am a bit of and addict even though they are murderous to my feet! The swirl patterned nails are a bundle monster 2012 stamp (i think!) with konad vivid pink polish :) xxx
    just been through your albums, loved so many of the pics, you have a real imagination for nail art xxx
    You left me some rep a long time ago, just signed in for the first time in ages. Thank you!!
    By the way I just had a look at your work and it's really amazing!! Way to go! Are you satisfied with Biosculpture? I am a lot, although I get some complaint about the "burning" feeling !
    Thank you so much for your encouraging words!! I still have a long way to go though :))))
    Thank you for your picture comments. The art on the ringfinger (no close up sorry) is airbrush. I used some purple and gold and then sprayed over with black just covering up some swirls... XXX ps. you do some great nails too
    Thank you for your nice comment in regards to my Ed hardy Tattoo nails! I have just been looking at your pictures and they are gorgeous! very lovely work!!
    Hi scotschica, your work is amazing. I've just looked through nearly all of your photos. I'm just starting out and its so frustrating cos I'm trying to get people to practice on. Can only do manicure at the mo. How long have you been doing nails? Look forward to hearing from you.
    Loving the 'Thank You' Minx from you guys at the Event...toes looking good for the weekend now :) Thanks guys xxx
    Hey chick, thanks for the pic comments. Got my case back, phewwwwww! See you tomorrow at the open day :) xxxx
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