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  • Hello =D

    I got the Bundle Monster plates (the many smaller plates) from for around €20 including shipping.

    The big plates I got from Dashica Big SdP A - Binnenkort weer in voorraad | SdP Big Image Plates | dashicabeautyshop they cost €15.99 per plate, the site is in Dutch, if you are interested in something just send them an email in English and they will get back to you (it's what I did).

    If you like konad / nail stamping do please join the konad group.
    Hey there!!!

    Thats us now in The Academy Shopping Centre, so that wilkl be easier for you.

    We are also looking for anyone interested in renting out a nail bar xx

    Natalie x
    Hiya hun they are fun to use , re-useable and you can use them with gel or L&P you can use them to make a tip, some 3d or to practice smiles, anything really, Sam biddle can explaine it much better than I could so check her blog Sam Biddle I like your page by the way ... very PINK :) :cool:
    No probs just had a look at your pics ther gorgeous im hopeless on computer so have to see if i can suss out how to do more stuff but loveing the site end up on for hours! X
    just wanted to say hi quite new to the site nice to see another north east geek im between aberdeen and inverness! x
    No probs!!!

    Just remember to use a primer and blot the brush a little on a paper towel when you pick up you white bead for the perfect consistency x
    Hi Lea nice to see another North East geek on there isnt very many of us.
    Where about are you in Aberdeen are you?
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