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  • Hi. Oh that's so nice of you thank you!
    It's tough isn't it...sometimes I feel so lonely and like it's all too much but I seem to be coping!
    Hi, I was on your extreme waxing training with Kim Lawless, the hollywood and brazilians. Just saw you on a thread there and thought I would drop a wee message to find out how you are getting on with your waxing? x
    HI Chick, hope you don't mind me having a wee look at your profile. Your kind of in the same boat as me, renting a room that's not really big enough, although it's a start and getting my foot on the ladder so to speak. Was nice to meat you at Shellac Nail Nail Art Class and hopefully we'll get a second one arranged for the not to distant future. xx
    Hi... If you are training in Brisa gel, I personally wouldn't do the Bio Sculpture gel course too. I notice that you use Shellac and I've found a lot of my clients have moved from Bio gels to Shellac and they find it looks more natural... you could always still use your Shellac and if a client wanted a NNO with some added strength if they needed it, you could just apply a layer of Brisa gel as a base, leave the tacky layer and then apply your Shellac.
    I've only just seen your message to me, because I'm a technofool! I'm sorry you had to go through what I did, but you will meet someone lovely one day, *hugs* xxxx
    Hey!! Sorry i just seen your message on the Nostril waxing and yes i was the model at Mary Reid - for Kim Lawless waxing training :D How did you enjoy it? That's me 4 1/2 months into my beauty course and in a few weeks we start waxing module - so i'm very excited!! Hope you're doing well xxx
    thanks for the friend request honey big x and enjoy the rest of your weekend hugs xxxxxxxxx
    Hi! yes, well and in australia just now. I hope you find the book as helpful to you and your techniques as others have and just let me know if I can be of any help if something is unclear. Work with it!! It is a work book and not a novel lol. If you just read it, it is not much help. xx
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