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  • hehe i've got one on order ;) and true light! just becuse i love the smell, but it lifts so clean and i get bored using the same bleach all the time, when i actually do use it! x
    I'd love it!! Think I may have to go on a course! ;) just so I can do my own colour!! Any idea on price? X
    OMG OMG OMG I've just tracked down the Tigi Modern Lights info....It's actually blown my brain!!! you can create Hot pink....and salmon pink?!? :O but i'm still sticking to matrix lol x
    Just wondering where you got your priori peels? Did they make much difference to your skin? xx
    i'm having 2 extensions built on my house atm. the muck is driving me mad but at least i havent got to join in with the work.
    know what you mean, i would sooner sit for 2 days doing nails to afford a decorator for 1 day. best to stick to your own speciality i say.
    yes, i couldnt work out why you were locked on chit chat !
    the rules on here have got quite complicated and i'm sometimes not sure what and where to post.

    back to the decorating.... ive tried those steamers. seems like harder work if you ask me.
    room gets full of steam, i get boiling hot and the leccy bill is sky high coz its like boiling a kettle for hours on end. you need to get a man in !
    have you tried scoring the paper and spraying it with hot soapy water?
    it soaks in and helps disolve the glue and helps scrape it off a lot easier.
    i loathe decorating too.
    I need 3 models, got 1 so far. Its not til October, so there is hope. I've had guys asking me for towels to bite into whilst being waxed. One guy even asked for a PS3 to keep him occupied!!!! Its not that bad, seriously...XX
    Scotty - I like you're spirit but you need to be careful with your posts. You are very new and feeling your way - I can see that as can the other mods... but remember that we pride ourselves on this place being a professional forum. Great advice is good, Opinions based on passion are not the best. PM if you want to chat!
    Hey U make me giggle 2 I can just imagine u shouting and stomping bout the hair and it reminds me of myself when im pissed off hope that uve managed to do something with the hair etc xx
    mate, theres 3 ways to go.
    2.bag over the head
    3. 'ave a drink and forget all about it and have a fantastic night out with your mates.
    i'm sure there will be plenty of others out there who arent looking their best. couple of weeks and you will be back to your former glory. you make me giggle so ive sent you a friendship request.
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