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  • Not sure mate,
    Im still onlt thinking about it, not getting chance to have a good practice, hopefully this year sometime (mabey gmex if i have the balls lol) but if not next year..
    Need to get brave :D
    hi kirsty, all the paperwork was done and dusted yesterday ! the sign came down this morning ready for the new one ! yay ! so i can go back as soon as i like, will prob be wednesday, off to dublin next weekend so didnt time that very well !
    Well done at excel by the way
    hi kirsty... just checking in... i see you had a good night tuesday? hope your hangover wasnt too bad. x x
    Hi Kirsty,
    I would love to be on your friends list. Thanks for asking. BTW: I think the design you use for your nail bar logo is very cool and creative.
    Hey bud!
    Lovely to talk with you the other day..... What a weekend!!!
    Have been thinking about what you said and if I can raise the dough, I think I will..... Ahh, butterflies in the tummy!
    Lauri x
    No worries hun, it was a busy one for all of us and I barely saw anything else but the Perron Rigot stand and Costa Coffee!! :D I'm sure we'll catch up soon and it'll be fab :hug: Hope you are having a good week xxx
    You too Kirsty. It was a lovely night and great for Sam and I to catch up with fellow competitors and friends. I hope you enjoyed yourself and congratulations on your nominations - you looked really lovely! xxx
    Thank you Yes i did. Glad you made it through the weekend. look after yourself lovely, slow down a little and get a breather hugs mate xxxx
    Congrats with all your nail comp placements ... next year 1st place, right?! xx
    Well done with the nail competition. Sorry we didn't have a chance to chat; Sonia did the modelling for Zeze in the end, she has longer nail beds than me, but at least Zeze had a model :)
    Hello back love. I hope we can meet up sometime on the Sunday somewhere (is there a bar there? If there is it¡s most likely where I will be after the demonstration. Not because I am a big drinker, but because that is where everyone ELSE will be). lol
    hiya hunnio....
    gotta ask... did you pre pinch your tips?... if not what ones did you use??... cheeky of me to ask but they have a nice c curve ;)
    i have found some clear pinched tips... gonna see if i can get some to try at excel
    im also guessing your up to your eyes in comp practice too... ill have my fingers crossed for you with it all :hug:
    j xoxo
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