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  • im not really sure how all this works, i have only just discovered this website! is it like a facebook for beauty therapists!!! am i meant 2 write on ur wall or mine!!! so confused!!! x
    Hi Hun
    thank you for remembering that with everything you have on yourself, its not good news he has the later stages of cancer (hes keep it a secret for years the old bugger) i need to look at putting him into a hospice now for his comfort, i haven't had the chance to speak to his doctor yet but i am getting told from the nurses that he has about 6 wks left,
    i just knew when i saw the number on my phone that it was something bad, i think i could get to dislike my instincts,
    good luck to you hun in your fab new job, and the uniform you were wearing is stunning, all the best for your future xxx
    I'm afraid it wasn't me. Not sure if it was anyone from our company as a couple of us just went round on Monday talking to advertisers. I don't think we met any therapists/techs while we were there.
    Hiya hun,
    Sorry I couldnt come to gmex, I was gutted, but we shall meet eventually lol...

    How are ya chick. are you feeling any better ?
    I Hope so, you deserve lots of smiley happy days :hug:
    Congrats on your comp results, I know you were a bit upset, but you did Bloody fantastic hun..
    Keep your chin up, Big hugs
    Emma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Congratulations on your great competition results. I hope you are feeling a little better ... you've had a tough time recently I see. Well at lest bitten is natural and don't look like something out of the hammer house of horrors.
    trouble is it clashes with a similar trip to spain.
    just trying to find out if the dates are flexible. what a dilema, i cant believe they have both come at once.
    I would love a day with u .....Not sure if that will ever be possible but i would like you to help me with sculpts...

    R u still coming to Liecs then?
    moving into a bigger room, just completed waxing & tanning so all excited .... Hows u? U still coming to Leics for your birthday?
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