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  • Thankyou hun :hug:
    I would love to come chat with you ...If you have time lol...
    You are going to be sooooooooooo busy :D
    Just doubting myself again...not my nails...just myself iykwim....But I'm ok again now,
    Got lots to look forward to that should all boost me a bit xx
    Cant wait for the geek seminar...sounds cool hun x
    hey,just seen you have a new job with UB, good luck and hope everything goes well for you, youll make a great teacher !! haze x
    just wanted to say your nails are fantastic you have such a wonderful talent and can't help think that picture of you looks like Anna Friel from brookside xx
    Hi Kirsty, how are you, I should imagine you are busy, it would be nice to hear from you take care, Linda
    Hi, just saw pics of your daughter in her uniform on facebook, how cute!! We moved to our new shop on monday but really loving it despite all the hard work. looking forward to catching up with everyone in m/cr, we have all been so busy!! xx
    LMAO I get the letters the wrong way round ALL OF THE TIME :D
    nuffy oo , nfu ooh new name it I have done it that way lol,....
    Let me know how you get on with it if you get some I NEED TO TRY IT lol....
    Lol you're right we are never online at the same time.....Grr This is doing my head in!!
    i havent got any left kirsty. i bought it on ebay if thats any help, but its really meant for jewellery making, its a bit thicker than the stuff sold for nails.
    i just realised that when we were mailing last time, i posted one of your messages to myself instead of on your page !
    i am o.k but doc thinks i might have fybromyalgia, its a chronic inflamation of the joints and ligaments, so i have been feeling a bit crapola, i never seem to have any energy left to do stuff after i have finished work.
    i am so pleased for your new job, you will be great, you gave me a great day of training on the competition techniques. tell me where you'll be working, moving around to different venues or at the hq in corby?
    I'm only not going as I am going to the ezflow event, and am saving to go to the cnd event gmex is last in line this year :D although if the cnd tickets have sold by the time I have the dosh....GMEX HERE I COME :D
    Hi there, congrats on your new job!! Hope to see you at manchester, still deciding wot to enter as i cant do everything this year, will you be working at g-mex? x
    no not going now...i was gonna go to see the comps in action...not entering ..just wanted to see...but then they were cancelled so decided not to go then they were back on....but i am going to jo shirleys event now so just stickin with that for now. I take it you will be entering this year.....??
    haha...we have sky sports news on here so i now how you feel there haha! good to see you geeking though even if its not for long.
    Hiya hunnybun,
    Things not going too bad,
    No I'm not entering, I don't think I will be going to gmex at all this year hun,.......Theres always next though lmao...
    I'll be saying that when I am in my 50's hahaha
    How are you ?
    Yeh it does seem ages. Last year the one in Ireland was in August so it give you time between both comps this year there far to close together. Good luck with your photographic entry. I was thinking of entering one have you got it done alreday? x
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