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    Top coat over gems

    thanks trinity
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    Top coat over gems

    Hi all do you topcoat over gems? I had my nails done by someone else(for a change) and they didn’t topcoat over the gems so they are now changing colour
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    Nail techs near Portsmouth/Southampton

    I am looking for someone to do my nails in Portsmouth/Southampton area. I want acrylics (which I can’t do myself) with nail art on it thanks! for example
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    How long between lash lifts?

    When I was taught I was told at least 6, I have done my mum before twice within 3 weeks because the product was off
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    Hair update

    Hi haircutz, thanks for getting back to me. well it’s been done by two different hairdressers, COVID forced this and I wasn’t 100% happy with the first one for several reasons (consultation wasn’t done with the stylist who was working on my hair, not getting me back in for another strand test...
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    Hair update

    I haven’t been on here on ages as I liked the app so haven’t been posting. I have my hair done this year and managed to get it colour corrected and I’m pretty happy with it but it’s not at what I was aiming for, what do I ask for when I go next time? 1st photo before any colour and after loads...
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    Cuticle work with gels

    I would not be doing gels on any clients without cuticle work, they won’t last
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    The app

    Hi guys many app is not working, anyone else?
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    2 for the price of 1!

    Hope it went well for you! I don’t do a lot of beauty anymore but still work in customer service, we phone customers a couple of days before their appointments and tell them the cost so they are ready to pay when they come in and they still argue about when they get there
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    Salon reopening not as busy as thought it would be! Anyone else the same?

    Thinking from a clients point of view, there is no way I want anyone touching my face right now
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    Gel nails & sanitising hands

    Hand gel can make it peel, nothing you can do about it really
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    Hope you are all well

    Hi all I hope you are all ok and looking after yourselves back at work! Luckily I don’t work in a salon or do much beauty anymore so I feel for you all having to wear so much ppe to do easy treatments
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    Bamboozled by all the gel polish options!

    I use gellux, it’s great but can be hard to get off, you have to do thin layers to have a chance! The colours are really nice and good variety. I used to work in a salon and used shellac and gelish, I would pick gelish all day everyday over shellac
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    Covid-19 surcharge?

    You’re lucky your dentist did the filling, i had half of one fall out just before lockdown and they won’t fix it
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    Athletes foot?

    Thanks guys, I will tell her to speak to a pharmacist about it :)