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    Gel Bottle inc?

    They are restocking mid September not mid Jan x
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    The Gel Bottle

    Some of the products are pro only such as rubber base, rubber top and BIAB. You need to upload your certificates and have them approved to purchase them x
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    Home based nail salon?

    Can I ask what you do with your little ones when you're working? I've got a 2 year old and am about to move away from family who currently look after him when I have clients x
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    Gel polish on toes

    Soaking the feet prior to gel application can cause lifting. Geeg has posted before on the site about doing any soaking/moisturizing after the gel polish application - we miss you Geeg! If the clients feet are a bit wiffy then give them a quick dip (not soak!) in the foot bath to freshen up and...
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    Bio Sculpture gel nail course

    I was told you have to cure 2 nails at a time in the lamp (crazy!) with bio sculpture - does anyone know if this is the same with evo 2?
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    The Gel Bottle BIAB

    You have to use rubber base with the clear BIAB but the other ones have a base and primer built in x
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    Baby pink glitter - no green tones, preferably holographic

    I think any holographic glitters unfortunately will have a green tint to them due to the nature of holographic glitter :-( x
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    Training from The Beauty Academy

    I did the mani and pedi course and the gel polish and film overlay course with them about 6 years ago. I then went on to train with CND and bio sculpture - not sure if the accreditation is the same as it was when I did it so check the accreditation and then phone sweet squared to see what they...
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    Bio Sculpture luxury pedicure

    With shellac I give the feet a quick dip in the foot bath to freshen them, do my shellac application and then give the feet a longer soak (5 mins or so), exfoliating scrub and moisturize. Do I do the same with bio sculpture or do I need to do the soaking and scrub before the bio sculpture...
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    ASP Signature

    I do like shellac but as Naomi has said it's not suitable for all clients so it's a good idea to have another system for those whose nails don't suit shellac (where financially viable - obviously the outlay on a new system is sizeable so most techs start with one system) x
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    ASP Signature

    ASP I believe is more of a budget brand compared to others. I use shellac and am due to train in biosculpture in a few weeks. People do pay for the brand and I'm adding biosculpture to my services due to people specifically wanting the brand - each brand has their own pros and cons and what...
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    Vinylux with alternative top coat?

    Thanks hun - have pm'd you x
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    Vinylux with alternative top coat?

    Did you use any basecoat as you were using a different top coat? x
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    Vinylux with alternative top coat?

    Has anyone used vinylux with a different top coat?
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    Bio Sculpture buffing questions

    So I'm booked to do my training in April (so excited!!) but I'm trying to get everything together for the salon before then - I was just wondering whether everyone uses a 240 grit buffer to remove shine and then either a 100 or 180 grit to break the seal for removal? On a separate note - do you...