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  • Selling and buying is no longer permitted on Salon Geek, sorry.

    You could contact the company to find the nearest stockist though?
    Hi Sharon

    Just a quick question...
    I get a bottle of 8&12% with my kit. Was going to buy a couple of others & think your idea about the trial packs is a fab one! From your experience would you recommend I buy a full bottle of 10% aswell?

    Will buy a trial pack of 14&16% & then if I get a couple of regulars who like the darker colour then I will invest in a full size bottle-will have to see how it goes

    Have you tried the 20%? I read somewhere on this forum that it develops in 3-4 hours, but looking on the website it isn't advertised that it does this. Do you know if this is true? I know some of the other brands rapid tans mean you can wash them off after 3-4 hours but you dont reach your full colour until the following day, but the person talking about the Nouvatan 20% said that the full colour shows up after 3-4 hours when its washed off?!

    Another question actually! (if you dont mind) Have you got a clip on light for your tent? And do you think its worth buying the disposable bras? I was going to, but another Geek on here said that the bras are a waste of money as she has never had any customer NOT go topless. Have you found the same?

    Want to get sorted before Thurs so I can get started straight away.

    Tanya x
    Great to hear you chose Nouvatan, I'm sure you will be pleased with it.
    Im not even sure if I have replied the correct way! I have been a member of Salon Geek for a while now, but tend to just read the new threads, I rarely post anything so its all new to me aswell!
    Good luck in your new career spray tanning, it is great fun and a great way to meet people to. Salon Geek is fab if you ever have any questions, full of knowledge! Oh and I think there is a book recently out about starting a spray tanning business, which I keep meaning to tell the hubby about for xmas pressie ideas! lol
    All the best
    Hi Severnrose,
    I use Nouvatan, and think it is fantastic, my clients love it!
    The price of solutions differ depending on %.
    Lowest is 8% costs £35.00 per litre. (This is actually my most popular as it looks so natural, and works with many skin types)
    The darkest is 20% and costs £39.95, all other prices are in between.
    I usually buy 8 and 10 % and also a trial pack of the darker which is 7.50 and I can get a couple of tans out of that so I dont have to stock the full large bottle.

    I hope that helps you.

    Sharon x
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