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  • Argh just wrote a long reply and lost it!

    All training depends on the tutor.
    CIDESCO exams give you one shot so you have to be committed whereas with NVQ you can scrape by retaking the failed assignments therefore some may be less committed.
    CIDESCO is expensive so students can be more serious.
    NVQ would leave money left over for advanced training.
    You get lots more hands on with CIDESCO as you have to do a large number of clients to pass and a certain amount of salon hours working for someone else before you get your certificate.
    Mrs Clooney took her CIBTAC after other training so she may be a good person to ask.
    I haven't ever known what qualifications other have when I've talked to them so it's hard to
    answer but people who know the most have a passion for it.

    Hey, sorry for the late reply, I hardly use the geek anymore. I would say it all depends what your goals are and where you want to work. If you want to work internationally and in spas etc or to start your own empire then yes it is the name really and the course does cover everything. If you want to work in an everyday high street salon or on a small scale I would say that NVQ is the way to go and then do specialised courses with independent trainers after the course. Either way you are not going to come out being perfect at any treatments however the school does provide a good grounding and also you will have acess to a lot of clients to practice on as the salon is usually heaving! I didn't like the politics of he school. I felt like the owner looked down on the students rather than seeing them as clients and you are treated like children. I think the same goes for the Ray Cochraine school. But then on the other hand that is how salon owners treat most of their staff!

    I'm glad I did the course but I'm not sure it's "necessary" past getting yourself taken seriously for a job interview and certainly not the only way into the industry X
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