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    Mac Zuca or NYX Organised Chaos?

    Pro freelance makeup artists helppppp me please I’m wanting to purchase a case for kit but I don’t know which to pick - anyone have and good or bad reviews for either case??? I love the Mac zuca but I’ve read it’s pretty heavy and bulky! Again I love the nyx organised chaos but I’m concerned...
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    Dermaplaning facial training

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    Dermaplaning facial training

    Hi everyone I’m a newbie so excuse me if this is a daft question I’m wanting to train in dermaplaning Firstly is there anywhere in or around sheffield you would recommend for me me to train Secondly like with other beauty treatment I assume different brands offer a kit/ training so which...
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    Dfma makeup training?

    Has anyone done makeup training with dfma? Is it a good place to study?
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    Level 3 makeup artistry

    It is the Vtct I’ve been looking at - I agree with you when you say it’s down to the tutor completely I’ve heard about the learner loans but I’m concerned about taking anything like that out as I’m trying to get a mortgage at the minute and don’t want anything to jeopardise my application...
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    Level 3 makeup artistry

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    Level 3 makeup artistry

    Has anyone done level 3 makeup artistry at college? If so what did you think to it? Is it worth the money?
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    OPI, Shellac or Bio Sculpture Gel?

    That’s a very good point! I’ve looked around and from what I can see a lot of places offer opi and a few are offering bio - I have had bio myself before and loved them - I think it’s important to believe in the product/ service you are trying to sell x
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    Gel polish brands advice

    Hi, just wondered where you got to with your training - i'm torn between training with Bio Sculpture , gel bottle or even completing a full nvq in nails (this is super expensive at my current college though and i'm not sure its worth it to then still need to train with the brands afterwards...
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    Calling all Bio Sculpture technicians

    let me know how it goes lovely - i'm wanting to do the bio course too :)
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    OPI, Shellac or Bio Sculpture Gel?

    what a great idea! I'll look into it
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    Male chest wax help

    aw thank you lovely! it has been very warm here in the uk so no doubt it is due to that - i have waxed numerous ladies legs and never had this issue but the hair on the chest is quite corse - i might try a sensitive wax next time. xx
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    OPI, Shellac or Bio Sculpture Gel?

    Thank you so much for your advice!
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    Male chest wax help

    Hi All, I'm looking for advice on how to prevent spots / red marks after waxing - i waxed my boyfriends chest for the first time a few weeks ago and he came out in an awful rash - afterwards - i used hive honey wax - he had no discomfort during the treatment so i have no cause to believe it is...
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    Training in nails

    i see cnd do a range called shellac which seems to be more of a classic gel - is their equivalent acrylic Brisa? i'm sorry to sound dim but i dont want to rush into anything - i'm taking my time to look into all brands and different areas of the nail industry to ensure i make the correct...