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  • you should have contacted me I would have given you a tan ready for tomorrow. I do recall seeing it in scratch mag awhile back but am not trained with creative so did not think anymore about it. I want to do acrylic so will have to find a training academy soon. where did you do your acrylic course?
    We dont get the citizen delivered to us as we live so far out of town, but I will see if my sister still has it so I can have a look! Sounds great! Have you not seen all the threads about "The Event" being held by S2/Creative?? Its a training weekend really with Creative held up in Manchester. I wanted a tan before I go tomorrow, but dont know whether I will have enough time now though. You will have to let me know & I will have a drive over & we can swop. lol x
    Hiya Sharon, Im good thanks, you? Not partularly busy but plodding along! Im getting ready to leave for Manchester tomorrow for the CND event! Hows everything your way?? x
    Thanks Sharon. I have actually heard good things about Sienna x, so would be good to give it a try xx
    Hiya hun, noticed you are fairly close to me, I'm in Chatteris. Would be nice to have someone tan me than trying to instruct my sister. lol
    Hey hun
    Yes very busy today, Ive been on a creative acrylic conversion, Ive got a manic day tomorrow lots of Bio nails booked in.

    hope you are ok
    Sue x x
    Just though I'd say Hello, as you are fairly close to me, which is unusual on this site, most people live miles away!
    Take care ,
    Bev x
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