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  • Hi Sheila, thanks for the heart, hope things are good with you and you are keeping busy! xx
    On the forum, someone mentioned that you use Mani-Q soak-off gel in a pot often and are happy with it. I'm considering Mani-Q. I currently use Brisa Lite. I really like Brisa Lite because it goes on easily and evenly, and it removes by soaking (all the product actually comes off, so I don't have to file any little bits afterward). I'm not sure why I'm considering switching to Mani-Q since I'm so happy with Brisa Lite, but I always feel like I should be testing the other products. Can you tell me why you're so happy with Mani-Q? Do you ever mix in regular polish with the clear gel? Have you had success with that? Thanks in advance for any guidance you're willing to give me.
    Hello! Great to hear from you! I tend to pop on and off here on SalonGeek - I just don't seem to find as much free time, don't know where it all keeps going! Business is still as busy as ever, thankfully, which will hopefully fund my next big purchase! I have a rep coming to demo the Skinbreeze in a fortnight, and if its as good as I've heard I'm quite excited! Sadly not going to Manchester tomorrow, but if you are and you have a free moment or two, and if Skinbreeze is there, could you have a little look at it; I would greatly value an outsiders opinion as thus far I only have CACI's word for it and a few e-mails back from other salons already offering it. At £6k or so I want to make sure it really is worth it! x
    Nice to see you will be at the wax show Sheila. Looking forward to meeting you.
    Aww, thank you! I've been manic with work for ever so long, and am just taking a nice break to have a look at Salon Geek again :)
    I'm so happy for you. It's been a long haul for you. You have done so well. I'm glad it's over. Really glad. Keep well and keep happy. I think about you often and wish you all the best always. xx
    Hey Sheila ... How you doin?? Thank you for the heart. xx I'm in the UK and looking forward to the training this weekend!!! Very excited about Brisa Lite which is going to be a real winner for the nail technicians. xx
    So sorry it is a slow and painful process for you! But happy to hear from you. Today is thanksgiving and I'm thankful to see you around if only in small bites!! Lol
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