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  • hi sheila

    just wanted to say your last message on that blog was really lovely, kind and thoughtful xxxx

    love and hugs xxx
    I was lurking through your pics. You do amazing work. Absolutely beautiful. I'm very fond of stilletoes.
    Loving the new avatar Shelia.. it gave me a good laugh :lol: (I needed one of those) x
    You are very welcome for the rep. Things are well here. Maybe I'll have to try that 'tip' for tips. LOL!

    All my best to you! :hug:
    Hey Hun, I may have a client for you, can you text or call me when you get a chance, pretty please xx 07974 887744 xx Claire :)
    I know, the poor lady just wanted some advice, it all gets very petty sometimes... Ahh really, I'm from Larne which isn't really too far from Newtonabbey :) You're very welcome, I've read a lot of threads where you have dished out very helpful, sound advice! xo
    Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it :) I cant ever look at nails as a client would anymore... all I focus on is the flaws. It feels like ages since I've done a 'real' client some enhancements so I'm so so nervous!
    Thanks again x
    No problem, you're welcome:) Dont worry about the grief, you weren't at all out of order and I dont think you deserved some of the attitude you got from NH particularly!! how rude considering how supportive you've been of Gelish on this forum.
    Tried to rep you for the pedi-thread comment, but I was told to share the love LOL
    LOL Sheilagh! Poor baby pmsl! Oh and it is not me, it is my niece - I am a wee bit older unfortunately xxx
    Hey hunni! Just thought I would drop by to say thak you for your input to the site. You seem to feel guilty for endorsing Gelish and promoting it on here. I did value your feedback on it and have also invested in it. However, I don't think you should beat yourself up or take responsibility about NH letting us down. You were kind enough to share your knowledge and that is really appreciated. I am disappointed in NH but not as bad as I am sure a lot of their educators/distributors are. I am so glad I didn't go down that route which had I the time might have got sucked into that too. Anyway big {{{hugs}}} and keep posting xxx
    Thanks for the input on NSI PP. I have tried Gelify and found it to be most like Gelish so far, but I am afraid of the bottles because the entire top is clear. But the ones that I do have have not had any problems. I am also waiting for Gelousy to come out with theirs, because I KNOW that they are extremely nail tech oriented and do not allow diversification. I have not had a good experience with YN as a company here--really do not like Greg (lol)--so I am going to a networking event with a LE educator in July. Hopefully things go well there.
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