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  • Hiya Hun! Haven't been on here for ages! How are you? Just had to let you know that I'm moving to SWF! I know you don't live there anymore but just had to tell you lol xx
    Yeah the gap was more obvious on the thumbs, and it all comes from my training days and filing down big bricks arond the eponichiums, left me so traumatised that I am very minimal in that area now xx
    Hello, lovely girlie, I finally logged myself back on here! Put my nais on for some critique over Mrs Refundzilla lol, big hugs to you and Vinnie xx
    I know, it's been a long long time! I always pop in and out to see whats cooking tho. Business sounds great! I have my very first "real unknown human client" tomorrow, very nervous! I do my chums all the time but just didn't think i was ready for the real thing so fingers crossed! I made a wee website (bit naff) so we'll see. Glad ur doing so well Shell, x
    hi hun how are you? sorry not been in touch, i had to sort stuff out and feeling a bit low at the mo xxx
    I might report it too then just to back up your if nothing else, then add a link to some info regarding over exposure or something. The lady that runs the site irritates me anyway :)
    I did consider posting something on the site questioning the safety/ legal of doing it... but I knew it would be pointless and fall on death ears.
    We dont want those clients anyway- we want ones that will appreciate training, sanitation and good quality product, so they will look after their nails xxx
    hey ive been so busy working as a cleaner at the min and doing my level 2 beauty at college finally done a gel nail course through college aswell only a 1 day thing but was good but still wanting to do acrylic etc...im doing well thanks =) hows the business going? x
    I know the girl involved and met her on a training day. She has only started her business last Summer (2010) and is now fully booked so she must be doing something right. She also has 4 children, all school age and including very young twins! xxx
    could i see what you sent in for the ped and manicure course or was it a while ago?
    i will send mine later im not good with computers so i will get my hubby to do it for me.
    hi there!
    i noticed you did a spa and ped course with en, how did you get on with it? Did you pass first time?
    Ive never done anything like this before and im nervous about sending my case studys off. silly i know
    Well I will see when I go next week if she has anyone to replace her, to be honest I dont know if I will keep it up as its a bit too far out for me anyway so my slot could be free too.x
    Did you manage to get in at the SWF eve? The other lady who was doing mini mani's with me has left to have a baby so I know she was looking for someone, I did give your details as I knew you wanted to get in there if poss! x
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