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  • 5 is a brilliant age to be, they are so cool at that age! Hope he has the best birthday and mummy enjoys it too! xxx
    It's a bit far for me , looks good though! Not done many sets been so busy with my job that I just haven't had the time I need to sit and practise some xxx Hows Vinnie?Enjoying school? xx
    Hi Hun, I'm ok thanks, not been on here in a while so as usual know nothing about the event lol xx You alright? xx
    lol i wont ask about your back lol you are very welcome hun, i am trying to upload pics but it wont let me dont know why xx
    Lol I had to give up mate, it was taking over my life !!!! No not having a brilliant day, bad day at work with a silly boss, blogged about it and have removed it because I'm in the mood to slap someone and a memeber had a hissy fit about it !!! You would have thought I had murdered some one lol hey ho definately think something is in the water and I should definately join grumpy old women group !!!

    Anyway enough about me me me lol How is your farm !!! x x x x x
    Hi Hun, Iam fine thanks been really busy today doing nails, what about you? xx
    Im doin real good cheers, i have been offered a place @ college to do a HNC in Nailzzzzz, i only really wanted to do it for boosting my confidence again & meeting people (which im struggling with) i've not done anyone elses nails for a few months so i thought it would do me good!! & the snapping out of ba\d habits lol! Hows business with you hon? xx
    Hey, how ya doin? Have you seen a Nail Printer at work hon? Im thinkin of getting one from Santa but im investigating lol xx
    Hiya im gud tahnks wt bout u? nails are going ok, doin spray tanning now aswel. how gttin on? xx
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