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    Beauty room wanted to rent Manchester or surrounding areas

    Hi. I'm looking for a beauty room and nails desk to rent in a busy hair salon in the South Manchester area or near by. The room must be large enough for a beauty bed, trolley, storage and spray tanning etc. I offer a full range of treatments including, LVL Enhance, Precision brows, CND™ Shellac...
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    Post a picture off your camera roll

    My pic #777 my son and the dog. X Next 123
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    Creative Academy Manchester intimate waxing course

    Hi. Has anyone done this course at the Creative Academy Manchester yet? I want to book but would love some feed back. TIA. X
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    HD ifyoudontaskyoudontget offer!

    That was a good deal. X
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    HD ifyoudontaskyoudontget offer!

    I spoke to them today but wasn't impressed with the deal. I'm going to have a look at one of the other brow design courses instead because I just can't just of the HD brow training course price just to be able to use the name HD brow. X
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    HD ifyoudontaskyoudontget offer!

    That's what I came on here to find out, lol. X
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    CND nail tech Manchester

    Hi. I'm looking for a CND nail tech in the South Manchester area or close by. It's for myself and I would like someone salon based. X
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    Has anyone done LVL Lashes course?

    Its a fantastic course and the girls at the Creative Academy Manchester are great. I charge £45 and have never had any one say its to expensive. It is by far my favorite treatment. X
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    Lash Lift glue problems, help!

    Are you using protein remover pads to clean the lashes first? x :)
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    Anyone here going to Doug Schoon in Manchester?

    Wouldn't the one at Bournemouth be closer for you? x
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    Let down for a 3rd time

    Hi Leely. I know exactly how you feel. I have been trying to find a room for ages as well. Have you tried putting an add on Gumtree? I put a post on my business page the other day and have had a couple of salons contact me about rooms which I'm going to see next week. It is disheartening but...
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    Manchester Training Academy

    The shop at the Creative Academy is fully stocked with everything that you might not have. I use the tools that can be purchased at the Academy, the staff will help you with any advice you need. Enjoy your training, you will love it. X
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    CND Email - Vinylux Polish?

    It has only just been launched in the UK at 'The Event' today and will be available from S2 at midnight on the 1st of May and from what I hear the price is really good. X :)
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    CND, The Event!

    Have a great time everyone. Can't wait to hear all about it. X :)