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  • Hiya, i only have one glitter kits from NFU.oh so far, its the best choice 18 glitter kit. There is soooo many to choose from though!!! If i had the money to go mad i'd have them all!!!!!! xxxxx
    hi, i havnt recieved it, i have just realised you live in liverpool sorry, i rented my nail tables in childwall area, could you let me no how much the lash course is before you get your beauty sleep thanks Xx
    arrrr i did write before that i wanted to do 3d lashes but when i went to post it said it was too long so i had to delete tha bit lol, if you dnt mind me asking how much is the eyelash course, and i will be reallly grateful if you would ask her if she could squeeze me in :).
    my first table i rented was really good she gave me a few weeks free to see how i got on, she done a big banner for outside the shop (sunbed) then i paid £40.00 a week then £50 then £70.00 then i left lol. 2nd table was £50.00pw i was there quite a while. my friend is working in a sunbed and she just gives the owner 20% which i suppose can be a good/bad thing good if you have a bad day because you dont loose out, bad if you have a busy day lol. she done a beauty therapy course at northan collage and she is really good so i suppose i will recomend them on he behalf haha. you just need to keep going word of mouth is the best advertising and take all your clients phone number and email, then if you do any offers eg. free nail art on one nail which i have done because they always want the other nail done lol, then you email them and txt them (let them no your still alive ha) Xx
    Hi hun,i have rented 2 nail tables in my area, i stopped doing them as my boyfriend was working in belgium and i was back and forward too much, now hes home im geting back into it (well trying lol). dont worry about me asking jo questions, she'll be telling me to shut up by the end of the day, im really looking forward to it she does sound really nice.i charged £20.00 its just so hard to build a clientel and coz i want to do mobile when i rented tables if someone was goin on the sunbed etc they'd get their nails done easy as tha i could go into work with no appointments and be busy all day tho i suggest you build a clientel before renting as its quite a big chunk out your profits.
    i just want a few more treatments to add to my list, which is why im doing the gel course ive already done spray tanning course a while ago and done that mobile for a bit but it was wayyyy to messy i got it on someones carpet once :-( i paid for someone too go and clean her carpet after that i havn't touched tan exept my own.
    hi, i qualified in 2006 and rented my own table, aswell as another one afer that. then i stopped doing them and was just doing my own etc. but the last month or so ive started to get back into it friends etc and i am thinking about going mobile but i just dont no were im going wrong its really annoying me.
    i spoke to jo on the phone the other day she sound really nice, i have also contacted roby and waiting for a reply to do beauty therapy in september but with me being 21 im not sure if i have to pay or not im unemployed at the moment.
    im just gona have to keep practicing again i feel so stupid i must of done 1000 sets of nails now im having problems lol!!! what about you are you charging yet i always think even if you are training you should still charge a small fee beacause at the end of the day your still buying the products. Xx
    Whoo Hoo! thats great news, good luck. I really enjoyed the classes when i did them a while back and met some great people.
    i am very new to this and noticed you live in my area, just outr of curiosity where are you doing your nail training i done a fast track course a while ago and just started and im having big problems with lifting, smilelines etc, i need to do a trouble shooting course, do you no of any? im using NSI at the moment and never used to have problems only lately, i'm doing a nsi gel conversion course with north west training academy but its only 1 day n im worrying its not long enough i dont want to do the course then not be 100% after finishing it.
    any advice would be great also how to navigate around this site lol!!!
    thanks Xx
    Hi no bother at all. I just buy mine online or in my local wholesaler. There are tons of sites. I have found really reasonable. They free shipping once you spend $100 which is easy to do with the OPI soak off gels. I would get a starter kit as everything comes with it. I currently only offer french as I have been holding out for the Shellac and wanted to spend money on that. But having read a few posts I will probably get some more OPI next month. Customers love it. I use alpine snow and passion for my french. HTH Dana
    Thanks for pic comments) You will be partying soon, just keep practicing) You should have seen my first french dolly)
    How do i send private messages??? Or add me on facebook..
    Hi Shell, no worries re you asking and thank you for your compliments :wink2:
    The website I got my paints from doesn't exist any more but you should be able to pick up water based acrylic paints from an art/craft shop. You do get notification of new replies to pics :green:
    hi, i was made redundant just before christmas and did the course in feb/march and am now mobile although i have only just started so only got about 6 customers but it's a start. i would like to work in a salon though only because i am not very quick and i think more customers would speed me up.
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