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  • Hello! Exfoliation going really well ta! You're idea of steamer has definitely come up trumps. I'm using a pack of muslin squares I forgot I'd bought when I had the baby earlier in the year as well as a really light hot towel - the clients are loving it. You're a star xx
    I totally agree - dont really believe in all the panic over the recession - think salons in london and surrounding areas have suffered a bit but from everywhere else we are getting the feedback that business is already picking up again so that is fantastic news and I am sure it will be the same for you !!!! You watch soon you will be swamped with appointments and wishing the quieter times back :O)))
    Not slow at all - took me ages to figure things out and still learning new things :O))))) Hope things are going ok for you?
    Hi Shellie...cant remember what it was for as its so long ago now ;0))
    whens the weddding then??
    You are very welcome shellie. some people on here have no humility or idea of how difficult situations like this are.
    If you search it you will find a few geeks have had a similar problem, so you are not alone.

    I've made so many mistakes myself in the past, that I try not to repeat them, and learn from them.

    I hope that you resolve this to your satisfaction, and then can move on from it. Its awful when something like this hangs over you (believe me, I am going through something similar-ish at the moment).

    Glad to have been of help
    Glad you enjoyed it!!

    Did you get shown how to strip your gun down and clean it? Or change the settings??

    The holder screws on the front (the side where the hose attach to) there should be 4 holes to screw it into.

    Let me know if you have a prob! xx
    just read your post saying you don't get many notifications soooo thought I'd send you one and ask you to be my friend coz you need a bit of crazyness in your life lol
    Thank you for sponsoring me hun...I've done the same for you! Hopefully we can raise tons and make all these geeks proud! xxx
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