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    Nouvatan Sample

    when you order the normal size solutions first time they knock off the price of the sample bottles that you buy :)
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    Tanning questions from a tan newbie :)

    Hi i use about 40ml of solution per tan :wink2:
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    11 year old Pamper Party :-)

    I charge 10.00 per head including a party bag
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    i have started using the actiderm wraps on my customers and it has really picked business up the results are amazing the least amount anyone has lost is 3 and a half inches and the most 10inches in one treatment :D
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    Is anyone else really slow?

    I have been really quiet but has picked up from this week and busy next 2 so hopefully things are going to pick up for us all
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    What order do you spray tan in.

    I start with the back and then move on to either side then front and face last then just check over to make sure i havent missed any this is the way i was taught and it seems to work
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    Princess parties?

    I do princess parties they are quite popular whilst they are getting their hands done i give them friendship bracelets to make to keep them occupied they love them and something extra to keep
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    Lash strips help please

    please anyone
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    Lash strips help please

    Hi I do sp ee and put my own on tricky i know and was really pleased but i am a picker and even though i could not feel them on i knew they were there and have picked them off and my own lashes have come off nearly completely on one eye can anyone reccommend anything i look so silly and its not...
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    Patchy hands

    thanks for advice she had it done yesterday morning and has said the rest of it is lovely just her hands that are patchy
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    Patchy hands

    I have been spray tanning for ages but had my first complaint and that is that her hands are patchy she is coming round later to show me what would you advise. I used organics 10%
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    My new tanning room : )

    Hi your room looks fab do you know what site you bought it from on ebay
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    Want to start spray tanning

    I trained with wow factor 1 to 1 fantastic training with caroline I use organics and can highly reccommend the whole package:p
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    Is this a good spray tan kit

    can highly reccommend caroline from wow factor she does 1 to 1 and is fab:)
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    Spray tan with strap marks

    thanks for your comments