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  • Hey you, Im good thanks, how about you?
    I have nowcompleted a spray tancourse so will soon be offering that service too.
    How is Spain, treating you well I hope?
    Hello! So sorry for the delay in ringing you!!! Have moved again - will ring you v soon and arrange that meet! Lots been going on so will chat when we speak!!! XXX
    Oh my god i would love to come but like ur hub, my fella was finding it so hard to get a job he just gave up in the end!!!
    I have two iccle doggies now too but im sure they can be shipped over lol!!!
    I was a bit down after not being able to move to Marbella last year and gaveup the nails for about 6 months but im back on track and loving it again!! im into gel at the moment too, which is a nice change! Just hate having to file it off rather than soak! Must invest in some biosculpture!!! hehe!!
    Glad ur doin well and enjoying yourself out there!
    Hi Shelly ,
    Thanks for your message my school is the skills centre and accredited to city and guilds i have a website that you can look at www.theskillscentre.info .
    Are you still at pinks ? i am not far from there in torrevieja .
    hope to hear from you soon
    happy holidays
    angie :)
    its my pleasure...so glad your new life in Spain has come to fruition and all is going well for you ;0))
    Heyyy..Thanks for the advice..I am really enjoying my course thanks...:)
    I shall keep looking..! Hope I find somewhere soon :|
    Yea it is a bit naff here at the mo, i am in a telesales job at the mo, which i HATE and looking for a new one is roving pretty hard!
    No, havent done anymore training-costs!!!
    Gel doesnt really interest me, as mobile I dont really see the point in offering different ways of doing the same service, although gel wouldnt smell like acrylic!
    How about u, done anymore training?
    Hey hunny hows you, hows spain????
    Whys it not going well, how come your not enjoying it-even with all that nice sunshine lol!!!!!
    Thanks hun they have indeed if I can say so myself!!
    Adam did it for me-my partner, great isnt it.
    So you gonna go mobile then???
    Clientele has slowed with all this downturn in the market but im positive it will pick up soon.
    Hows u anyway?
    Hello you! I am just down the road from you as I have moved and would love to meet up! Pm and we can sort something out!!! xxx
    OMG!!! Near Sol Bank? I'm 2 mins drive from there. Through the arches, right at Sol Bank, then right onto Dona Pepa. How exciting. Where are you living? xxx
    Hi , just realised you were a dental nurse, i was for 8 years but the last 10 years i work in theatre at the local hospital, but i trained in nails to do something mobile that is pleasurable and girly xx
    Hi just to say i love your avator and the pink ball gown in your pictures. Where in spain are you and where are you origionally from. Im from stoke-on-trent, but live in plymouth now:hug:
    Hi, great to hear srom you.
    Got my first booking on tues-so its taking off!!!
    46 degrees-definetly WAY too hot.
    I havent done anymore no, but will mayb do mani and pedi at some point and mayb spray tanning later on.
    HI babe!! Yeah im fine thanks hun!! Sorry i aint been on for ages, ive been so disheartened with nails that i wanted a break for a while!!
    Im so glad evreything is going well for u!! So whats it like to actually be living there for over a week now?!?!
    I still want to move out there and i got a call 3 weeks ago from a nail place i had an interview with in marbella askin me to start work there coz they were desperate but we still cant get Jonny a job so i cant go!! Maybe its just not ment to be!!
    I started work as an estate agent a couple of weeks ago coz there are just too many people doing nails where i live now that i cant compete with their prices and i dont want to work for nothing anymore!!
    Speak to u soon hun xxxxxxx
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