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  • I have to say I do have to do a lot of filing in the cuticle area when re-balancing Poppit nails. I do also have some nails pop off whole. And I find that some clients stick these nails back on which concerns we with infection.
    I am in St.Austell.Iam sorry but although I do visit the site quite often I am still not too sure on how to do stuff.I notice you enquierd entity I use entity in my salon & love it hth Regards Shell x
    sorry your msg came back to you not to m e, i live in Hartley, near to town, between manamead and mutley x
    Hi Bev thanks for your message back in January still not got around to finding out how to get around the site yet.We have just opened our salon so have been real busy with all of that .Kind regards shell
    Saw your name on my profile page, so I thought I'd look you up too lol!
    See you've not posted yet - we don't bite , honest x
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