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  • How fantastic! I am so delighted to hear this!
    Enjoy your success, you deserve it - hard work pays off!! xx
    Oh no!! I wanted to see your beautiful work in an album, but when I opened up your profile the 'cupboard was bare'. Please please please do an album of your's FAB :cool:
    Hi Emma, how are you? Just dropping you a wee message to see how things are going? :)
    Awww, thank you! So glad you enjoyed your time with us Emma! How are you getting on? Used your CND Perfect Colour opaque powders yet? xxxxxxxx
    hi hunny only just seen these lol i am already qualified in manicure from when did my beauty at manchester but doing the level 3 beauty here which is 3 days per week then thinking of doing the nail course on a monday eve which they use the ezflow isit.xx all at west lothian. yes hunny do eb waxing. cant remeber who it was now lol i was doing myscara for them. hopefully there wil be a xmas ball. Think will be moving next year when college has finished i will be going to cornwall hunny. if you fancy doing spray tans i have a ready made business lol looking for someone to take it over for next year as seems a waste to just stop it after all its taken to build it up.xx
    hi hunny
    hows you? what you been upto you gone full time nail tech yet lol did a client the other day you had done their nails they looked lovely. i may be doing the nail course at college but wont be concentrating on nails til i move to cornwall next july ish. may book you to do minx on my toes over christmas as not allowed it done in collge on our toes as doing pedicures at the mo lol bugs me having to re do everything i am already qualified in just to get my full body massage cert lol may need models for my body massage when we start doing it so if you have a day of in the week at all and could come into college for me that would be great or you could come here for me to practise on if you fancy it.xx
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