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  • Thanks for the lovely comments :).
    Using foil is really easy with shellac or gelish, you would just paint on your 2 (or 3) coats of colour as normal, then take the foil and just press it where you want it onto the inhibition layer, simple as that, if you get a little more than you wanted just use an orangewood stick and scrape it off again. I would then put on 2 coats of top coat just to make sure its all sealed in but have never had a problem with it, it lasts 2-3 weeks as normal. hth xx
    hi shirley, i did get it but never got a chance to get back to you and organise a meet. oct for sure. did you get anything nice.
    I had a ball! Only down for the Sunday. Still didnt get an efile. Bought loads of stuff I dont need like a dust collecter and desk tidy?!. Bought quite a few opi varnishes for the first time and really like them. The atmosphere was brilliant.
    well did you get as far as the trade show? did you end up getting a drill? i spent a fortune at creative and young nails. cannot wait to get cracking. resisted buying more coloured gels from crystal nails so i'm getting good. lol
    i bought a yn99 last trade show and loved it but i have since gradually forgot about it. i just automatically go for my hand file. i really have to get back to it or it's a total waste of money.
    hi , same as that. have cleared my credit card to max it out again. lol. we should meet for a coffee.
    hi shirley, would you believe i'm just back from a crystal nails work shop in dublin, spent a fotune of course but now a member. yipee. lovely stuff. it was on nail art .. one stroke, water colours. good. all the coloured gels OMG i want it all!!lol
    yeah i seen that about the member discount. it's great and their range of colours is fab. my biggest problem is self control and restricting what i buy... lol. i think head up to dublin for the trade show in march for a nosey. let me know how you get on at the new training in Jan..i'm like a child i want everything!!
    hi shirley,happy new year..was wondering how you are getting on with crystal nails.. i've got some of their brillant gels and liked them. was wondering about some training with them. how did you find them. sorry for all the questions. susan X
    Im trying to find a course that teachs both gel and acrylics. I emailed Paradise Salon who do OPI foundation courses which include both the gel and acrylics. Their course starts end of January. Im unsure whether to go to them or not. Have u heard anything about them??
    Hi, Im good thanks. How r u? So glad i found this forum. Reading through the posts is so helpful! Have you heard of the nail room on the antrim road Belfast. I was told their quite good/?? xx
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