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  • Hi chick, it all went logistical lol so no special tattoo for the event xx Looking forward to seeing you there
    Well, you just brought a tear to my eye. Not very often in life do you meet people that are genuinely honest, decent and lovely. You are all of these things and more. I,m glad you like talking to me everyday.....but i wished you'd let me get a word in every now and then!!!! lol xxx
    Oh brill, have you got nouvatan? I will be able to come to you in the evening if thats ok with you. Will phone you tomorrow hun.xx
    Hi hun, still not giving up hope!!!! Need to talk to you about the spray tanning....its driving me nuts!! Can I phone you in a bit, just gonna eat my chinese!!xx
    hey yes!! haha arghhh! its ok i have 2 trainees next week so will be able to see by then :) x
    Hi siobhan, Thanks for you message and yes I'd love a spray tan - I sent you a text but not sure if I sent it to the wrong number! Let me know if you received it. Hope you are well. Lauren.xx
    Hi! just popped on and saw your message,am in process of sending julia one to say thanks. It was good to meet you also, you were very welcoming! Maybe see you again some time if I do an extension course. rachel x
    There are so many hun which one , probably having a blonde day lol!
    Hows the new job going? Hope your doing ok.
    Happy new year xx
    Hey hun. Glad your back with us :)
    I was going to go to the minx day but couldnt make it so hopefully they will be doing another one soon. Which one are you going to ? chat soon x
    Sorry to hear that, why not give them a call for some feedback. I will certainly give you a shout if i do hear of anything, J x
    I am not back in the salon until Thursday, give me a call there if you want and we can arrange for you to come over for a chat - 0161 282 1233
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