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    All your technical questions about Brisa Lite removable gel answered here

    I just want to say a big thank you! I love this product so much!! Articles » Nails That Are Lite Years Ahead please read.. No doubt its the best thing out there!! :) :p:p
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    CND Academy Plus, Bournemouth - a Facebook must!

    I have to say I love all the girls/boys!! at CND they are amazing!! I never normally comment on threads but I think its about time Layla and her team had a very big round of applause. I have been kept up to date all weekend!! Layla your a star! I cant wait to see you at the event! its been...
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    What's New? FAITH LIFT

    This product is truly amazing stuff!! We have ladies that come in for nails every 2 weeks and want this done while siting having them done so they save time before school runs! Histerical! They are totally hooked!! Total REAL results that last out does any other products I have ever used. We...
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    WANTED Myscara/Cry Baby in Winchester/Southampton area

    Hiya For a booking please contact me on 01962 865420 it's amazing!:biggrin: