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  • Hi Sian sorry it has taken so long to reply. I have since tried to pick myself up, but it has left me feeling that I will have to develop a thicker skin! I did a set on myself last week that actually werent too bad so that perked me up a bit. And yes infills are still a nightmare, specially trying to file off the lifting! When i have recovered from xmas i will try the speed acrylic, but i am working a little dryer now which has definitely helped. Thanks again for your kind wordsv and happy new year!
    hello !!!!!!!! just thought id come and say hi, been real busy at salon ,last cpl weeks and the kids etc , hope youre all ok and your keeping busy, will give ya a ring xmas eve if youre about ,speak to ya soon ,haze xxx
    hello !!!!!!!! tried ringing you bak 2day but youre out, im home now if ya wanna ring me wen ur free 2nite, spk 2 ya soon ,haze xxx
    Sian - we haven't sent a mass 4.0.0 to customers... but I have done a news tpiece on s2.com - simply call us and we'll send you one. :hug:
    Sorry you weren't at the VivCat event... I was looking forward to meeting you!
    Hi, Was just looking at your nail's there great. Im in the middle of a nail course. Can't wait to get started.
    Hi, I chased Derek up about getting your opal neon nails on the site today, before the summer is over!! He was away on holiday last week so he has an excuse lol, and he is the image resizing expert (allegedly!)....Have you sent your corset in yet ;) ?
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