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  • I Never use tips with popits so I cant awnser youre question. I know that Gigi use the creative pink on the white tips so I guess that it is a ok thing to do, why dont you ask her
    I bought some pre designed tips and wanted to sort the bubbling out first before I tried to use them, but I thought clear would look better on the nails with the pre designed tips. Or can you recommend a very light pink that would look good on white tips or pre design that would take the look and colour away. sorry for the long winded questions xx
    I used to get bubbles also, I noticed that it only happens when I am using clear. Dont have the problem when I use let say glitter or pink. Dont no why that is but give it a try. And yes that is incl prep.
    Hi I read you post regards popits. reusable forms is a great idea. I just wish I could get the popits right I get bubble al the time lol... Hope it clicks soon and get a time application like you.. 33 mins is that including prep? xx
    ik heb een mailtje teruggekregen met alle info over academy van pepijn borrel leuk.
    I have got a message back from the academy , nice.
    thanks again
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