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    Nails | Have Yourself A Very Ruby Christmas With Love From CND

    I love it, but only being able to buy it with Wildfire is frustrating. Almost as frustrating as not being able to have it all year round :sad:
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    Manicure and pedicure products?

    Hi, I use a variety of different products from Cognito Spa see or look for Sarah/Blue Rose on here There are differnet ranges and the producuts are fabulous - really lovely to use and as there are retail options too, they sell themselves! My favourites...
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    Building contents insurance as a therapist working from home

    Have just tried Halifax and they told me the maximum number of clients I was allowed was 2 per month!!!
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    Comment by 'Silver Fern' in media 'Shellac pale pink & glitter'

    Thank you, it's a snowflake from nailtopia on the ring finger
  5. Shellac Masq & Hollywood

    Shellac Masq & Hollywood

  6. Shellac pale pink & glitter

    Shellac pale pink & glitter

  7. Shellac Wildfire & Iced Coral

    Shellac Wildfire & Iced Coral

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    Rock star Glitter fades

    really easy tutorial to follow - thanks Ceri
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    Shellac popular colours

    my most popular colours are Fedora, Masquerade, Strawberry Smoothie, Mother of Pearl, Red Baroness, Tropix and Hot Chillis. I do a lot of layering and purple purple has gone down very well with layering.
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    Two layers of Blackpool and one of Rock Royalty also work really well x
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    There has to be a way to make these nails work?!

    I agree with Victoria about it probably being a genetic predisposition - I would recommend you both start applying solar oil at least twice a day and have nothing on your nails for a month - also try paraffin wax weekly to rehydrate your nails and hands. The other thing to try is a different...
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    What do you look for in a skincare range?

    results are important to me but I have to factor in price too - whether it is something that will sit on my shelves as too expensive for my clients to buy to use on a regular basis, whether I would buy it to use myself. Smell is secondary - there is one product I use which I really don't like...
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    Congratulations to ZoZo on the birth of her baby boy!

    Baby Felix arrived at 2.25am - Zoe is fine. Picture hopefully attached
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    Eve Taylor Facials

    I've been a fan of Eve Taylor products since I was at college in 2006 and their customer service is wonderful - always helpful on the phone and never rush you. Occasionally Eve Taylor herself will answer the phone which NEVER fails to throw me ;-) I end up trying very hard to remember what I...