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  • Thanks for the rep back in August - I hadn't realised that had happened and you would have thought I should know all about Forum systems! Best wishes. Caroline x
    Our house is close to Hissar which is the biggest natural spa in Bulgaria. So, although I qualified in massage, the therapists in town are much better equipped than I will be. We are considering a largish hot tub for pamper parties.
    When I was at college we were not ALLOWED to massage men and bikini waxes were simply not mentioned, lol. But times have changed and less people see massage as a euphemism for "special services". I do think you need to trust your gut instincts though.
    Oh dear - I really should check that other email address. At least my excuse now is having to be absorbed with my new business. You'll do well at the private courses then if you just need a refresher. I keep an eye on the "Last Minute Offers" here: Last Minute Offers as I did some of my courses through them but I may be going to college in September as well! Perhaps unnecessary but I want to do more massage stuff that requires the anatomy and physiology. I had a dodgy call the other day from a guy wanting a full body massage. Something just did not ring true. LOL Your move sounds exciting and quite a move. I'll see about checking that other email account. Caroline x
    Yes, it's me! I messaged you through the other site but guessed that you must be pretty busy with the new business.

    I qualified over 30 years ago (omg, I got old quickly). Unfortunately I didn't work as a Beauty Therapist. It was all dodgy massage parlours and salons that didn't pay enough to cover fares back then.

    As we are moving to Bulgaria next year, I am planning to do some courses (eyelashes, nails and poss waxing) to update myself and then hopefully have a home salon there.

    How are you?

    Woohoo! Do I recognise your username from somewhere else by any chance ;-) Are you in the business or considering it? Keeping well? Caroline x
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