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  • Hi there could you send me an email to info@beautyrevolution.co.uk and I'll send the list of ingerfients to you.
    Sorry for the delayed reply but only just seeing this now x
    No worries put in on here instead, there is nothing secret - lol.

    I meant to say that it really costs so little and it washes brilliantly too, I wash and put in the dryer and don't have to iron it - always a bonus for me-lol! I love the little manicure towels too.

    By the way how do you manage to do all you do with little ones!
    V x
    Pinks Boutique sent me out a FREE coconut spoon - as they couldn't help me with the wooden bowl as they were out of stock when I inquired - well how about that for GREAT customer service!!! whoop whoop :o)
    Eve has been as good as gold - no samples yet how ever loads to stuff from email, their logo and pictures were send over to be at double speed.
    LUCKY You!
    i got that chap to return my call this morning about the coconut tahiti range so ordering this afternoon-prices are 11.50 for 140 ml body polish, 17 for body mask and body lotion 250 ml 7.50. Happy days!
    Anything further re eve?
    Hi there, i saw that spa ritual have a beautiful wooden pedi bowl for £50. They are distributed by nsi so may be worth a look x
    Hi Karen
    There are no dates or venues just yet as i was wanting to find out how many people would be interested first,
    once i have a rough idea about numbers then i will look into finding a venue that will hopefully be central for you all,
    if you would like to send me a email with your contact details and any other questions and i will put you onto the list of people interested,
    my email is

    speak soon xxx
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