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  • hi hun
    sorry its been so long , hope your grandad feeling better all my love to him and you .take care.xxxxxxxxxx
    Sorry to here your grandads poorly hun, hope your grandad gets better soon ,sending all good wishes for you both. Take care.x
    hi hun
    How are you ? How the weather been there? we are in newquey in aug the 4th cant wait, love it there.Wish we could move there.Hope your well.xx
    Yes I have but Im not sure I would be able to get sitters for the kids for those days .Also as I have never had any training in this before I think it might be better over a longer period of time but still thinking about it really as I know creative are very good. Where did you train with NSI ?
    hopefully in sept and im doing it at south devon college part time in the evening two nights a week for a whole year It covers L&P ,gel and fibreglass but im not too fussed about fibreglass . I cant wait to start
    sounds the same in my house Ive painted a few spiderman designs for him but he still wants glitter on them and graham always says no way , but he has it anyway.
    My kids are a bit younger than yours . Laura 8 , Thomas 6, and emily 2 .I use them as nail art models which they love . Even Thomas likes his nails " shinny" .
    Yes I dont think I could live anywhere else with kids .Do you have kids ? I have 3 and my partner has 2 from his last relationship one of which lives with us .
    Hi I love it in Cornwall , go alot for hols with the kids and my parents when I was little .
    we were going to move near plymouth because andy was working there, but the houses were to expensive and we didn't want to live in plymouth. the house like we have now was 1 1/2 times more in the surrounding villages. andy working in plymouth next week.xx
    look forward to it, but let me say you live in the most wonderful part of the country and i'm green with envy...xxxx
    The length of the free edge your sister in laws nails are better (in my opinion) than the length of the whites on your nails, both have lovely gentle smile lines, well done :D
    lovely nails, the art work is very me lol and the photo's are much better, it takes a bit of practice to get the hang of macro Nail zoo practices on shrimps! I try for spider webs and the thorns on the stems of my roses. Keep posting hun very nice work.
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