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  • I am leaving this site for good as some people are so dame nasty. Thanks to all the people i have meet on here who have been soooo nice. xx
    Thanks for the rep :)

    Well I took the step of becoming self-employed and doing contract work; so now I just do consultancy for a particular company for a fixed period of time; I'm committed to them for as long as the contract lasts, and can choose to accept or reject an extension at the end of that time. To me that's a much more clear-cut way of doing things; no having to suck up to the boss for a pay rise or whatever, and I'm a lot more isolated from a load of the internal politics too!
    Hey hun how are you, I just popped in for a look about, not much going on these days, same old, same old, it seems to me.

    I am well, turning 45 tomorrow (yuck, boo hoo). Still loosing weight, 1.5 stone now, only about 10lbs to go till I reach my target, yay.

    Trish xxxxxxxxxxx
    Thank you for my christmas wishes :green: I hope you have a fab time - we are going to Cornwall for 10 days over the holidays - can't wait :green: Hope life is good for you :hug: xxxx
    Not been bad, lost a stone and have been maintaining for a bit, but want to loose another, and at least half a stone by Christmas. A deadline is always good motivation for me.

    Have given up the mobile life, it is just too much hassle. Dont know what I will do yet but fingers crossed something will turn up.

    Lorna has October hols starting next week so we will take a trip to the in-laws "up north" for a few days which I am looking forward to (no cooking, yay).

    Trish xxxxxxxxxxx
    Yeah not bad, just been thinking bout xmas the last week or so, it seems to be creeping up on me lmao hazexxx
    Hey hun, how are you?

    I have not been around for a while, had computer probs and just got a bit fed up of this place.

    Trish xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hiya hun,
    I ended up smoking again lol,
    But I picked up my champix tablets to

    How are you hun ?
    lol, yeah its me! Im only 24, so i'd hope i looked a little bit 'fresh and young'!!! lol.
    Oh, you are just like me then! lol! I like to read and don't post much either. Just the odd thing. Yep, life's OK, granddaughter growing up fast. She's 15 weeks now and I can't get enough of her!! Glad you are OK.
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