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  • You're a good 'un! Nice to hear from you hun, glad you're still on here after your nail tech days:green:.
    Another 2 weeks to go before we know the results, so I'm just keeping busy in the meantime. I'd love to be able to book The Event but I cant until I know what these results are.
    so are you going to The Event? or even just The Party? Would be ace to see you there hun.
    Aw thanks hun. I'm trying not to think about it at the moment as I dont suppose theres any point worrying until we know exactly what there is to worry about! Thanks for your message its much appreciated, I'll let you know how everything goes xx
    Thanks for accepting and all the nice wishes on my Bday (along with some more tips :O))))) see if i can convince him that this should be part of a Bday also? (Dont want to be ungrateful though....has been an absolutely fantastic day!!!!!
    Hi hun xx all IS WELL lol

    We are on our hols at the moment and having a fab time :)

    Thank you for thinking of me - I will chat properly when I get back in just over a weeks time love n snuggs Deb xxx
    Hi hunni Im not to bad thanks xxx
    I am now having a week and a half off well sort of I am doing a wax and 3 tans for a bride next week but apart from that its me time for a change :lol:
    How are you hun? xxxxxx
    Hi SJ :hug:
    Everything has been busy and hectic around my parts....lots of birthdays...a UK for birthdays...and lots of was over 40 degrees here is pretty unbrearable...
    It is a tad cooler today....about 38 degrees :lol:
    I haven't really been on geek....just a wee check every now and then....
    Time for a swim me thinks.... I hope you are well and keeping occupied....lots of love xxxxxxxxxxx
    So your making lots of tea and coffee for everyone !! lmao , yeah im not too bad , just working on my nvqs at the mo as i want them so i can eventually go into teaching , lots of paper flying about lol xx
    Me too hun, have been away on hols for a week and am off to visit my mum and dad for a week today, no internet there I am afraid (OMG!!!!). I am fine put on a couple of lbs on my holliday but thats what its for, eh.

    Trish xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    hehe seems I have a lot of catching up to do :green: you are such a sweetie - thanx for the rep and the message :hug:
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