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  • Thank you, so much! I wish the very best for you and yours this holiday season. Merry Christmas and a VERY Happy (moddy) New Year! :hug:
    Awwhh ta very much and a very happy Christmas to you too (I have my Mam here so can't Geek for long)
    Hmmm I must admit I've gone right off Sam myself now... What a Cow keeping poor joey hanging on and he still hasn't a clue that she's just not into him... Did u see his Santa letter?... Omg I really think they might all really believe in Santa :lol: Chloe was hilarious!! It wasnt as good as the last one, I don't like Mario and Lucy, I think theyre boing :(
    Think I'll go up and put on my PJs... wash my face and brush my teeth and come back down to watch it... now better log off so I have no distractions... meet you back here tomorrow so we can dissect it bit by bit... yippee!! :lol:
    Whoooooo hoooooo!!! TOWIE Xmas is on one of the Irish stations tonight at 10pm... so happy! YAY!! ... thank God you told me or I'd have missed it, can I rep you for a visitor's message? he he he
    Yep no itv2... I'm waiting for some fella to ring about the hd box... Might not get it sorted for Xmas ... Oh life can be so cruel!!!!:cry::cry:
    Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! That's one of the channels I can't get lately (something wrong with my HD box) ... I'm sure it'll be on one of the Irish stations over Xmas (I hope) and then I'll be able to see it. Don't worry I won't wreck your telly this time, I promise I'll leave it alone and let you watch it in peace... just don't tell me what happens!! ;)
    Ah, thank you :) xx Couldn't get a pic that did the colour justice, they were a lot more wow in real life :wink2: xx
    Been trying to upload on here but it just won't do it for some strange reason! If you go onto my profile page on here, I have a link under my name to my facebook page, there's a picture of it on there xx
    Brilliant wasn't it?.. I'm so glad you finally watched it... hey I didn't even notice Kirk and Mick were missing!!... Kirk is a little ****, so disrespectful to women and I wouldn't put it past him to slap a girl... poor Arg after the sunbed session... omg!!!... I just LOVE Joey.. God himself and Chloe are SO thick aren't they?... pmsl at Gemma with she kissed the twin cause he was "tall".. she nearly wet herself when she saw him :lol: the poor fella. Can you believe lucy getting up on the stage... my mouth popped open when she did that and I was shocked that sam gave mark the brush off... the ending was brilliant... it was very well done from start to finish!... ps what did you think of Arg trying to light Joey's farts?... have you checked out the blogs lately? :lol:
    Oh my GOD!!! that really made me laugh :lol: :lol:... never underestimate my Angel powers ... I was getting you back for telling me what happened in it last week... I haven't lost my touch so :lol: ... OK I'll let you watch it tonight and I won't put any more spells on you I promise.. *fingers well and truly crossed behind my back and sniggering and snorting with laughter*
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