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  • Hello Lovely!
    I don't come on much now either, this is the first time in Months lol....
    How you doing, are you still on facebook ? x
    hi steve thank you for sending her your a star! im really glad she loves them, really nice girl! drop me some cards off and when i can't accomodate people ill send them to you! thank you ;D)x
    Apologies if you found my remark offence was intended which was why I put was purely my opinion and based on my experiences...

    But...I do apologise x
    Thanks for the rep, its not gonna be a popular post though, but you know what I dont really care!! lol. How are you? been ages!! anne xx
    nice one! yes im dead 2 at the minute its doing my head in! I do a lot of nails and spray tans. Forest pines would do well if they did, we need to take over lol then french manicures wouldn't be bad lol x
    Its £225 plus VAT so about £260 or you can just attend the party for £60 plus VAT. Theres a whole thread about it. I know feeling I'm broke too! Hope toes feeling better xx
    hey cool! forest pines is a nice place, i was there a few months back 'came to do 2 sets of nails' for a wedding, they don't do them which is quiet weird. your right its good to have a fellow geek in sunny scunny!! lol im looking for a room to rent in s****horpe, how do you find business?? mine has become real slack lately its depressing, i need a job! x
    Thanks for the rep you left me, only just seen it in my profile so i'm sorry the thank you is late! xx
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