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  • I replied to the one you sent me about your mate, but you didnt say anything back so just wondered if you actually got it x
    Hello there not bad thanx....still faffing about trying to my price list and website but its gettingt there! So do you use hd a lot? I must admit i havent used mine much...i like it but struggle to work so dry...perhaps i should get it out and do some more practising with it! did you get my email back the other week? x
    hey Steviedoll....I just stuck a new discussion in the Film Club....see what you think, made it a possible quiz to get folks coming back for more ;)...first one is easy pimps though........
    Thanks for the rep!!
    I think the world has gone mad this week, and taken me along for the ride. I don't think I'm pms'ing.... but I just packed another wallop on another thread.
    Maybe I forgot to take my happy pills?
    I always wondered about this. do you do your covering pink on all the nails first and then the whites? i have seen this before and when i tried to do it like that it seemed that the white didn´t bond as strong to the pink, so when i customer knocked her nails against something the white had snapped clean off the pink => embarressing hehe
    I am really loving ezflow. i think that the product applies much easier, that it is easier to pinch and that it has such a nice crisp finish. i was a bit insecure aswell about the ratio since i was used to cnd´s ratio. But i think i am doing ok with picking up propper beads. I will be posting some picks aswell soon, from my ezflow conversion. Will you participate at the guild competition the 1st of may or the nailympics in september?
    Just saw your album and have to say that you did some lovely nails on your ezflow conversion day :) I am switching over aswell now to ezflow. Hopefully it is a smooth transition and i won´t have to much issues. Did you experienced any problems or struggles up untill now with your switch? who knows maybe i start to post concerning lifting after getting some of the customers back that i did a few weeks back LOL ;)
    Thanks for the rep! I'm not posting in that thread anymore - although I'd love to, I've decided it's probably best to bite my tongue as some seem to be getting a little riled...
    it won't cause any damage. what will of happened is the heat will of caused it to cure. if its taking a long time to cure its either too wet an application or its too cold in the room bud. if your used to working wet, have you thought about trying the qmonomer with hd or qmonomer and apolymer powders, ya may have more success with those
    omg hunny I need you here :hug: can I have the swing of the bat though :lol:

    Loves ya xxxxxxxx:hug:
    That is brilliant hunny, you will have boosted her confidence no end today. Fab job babes, that's why we love what we do. xxxxxxx:hug:
    Were you using HD babe? I am not sure because I never use hd monomer, I use the hd powders with q monomer as they set faster. I'm sure it will be fine, how was the nail when you glossed it up? xxxxxx
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