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  • thanks for the comment about my nails,i love purple and it seems to be quite a popular colour on here too.x
    Hi thanks for your comments we did it about 3 years ago I dont have a window at the moment and will only put one in if I do the full conversion at the time we were unsure if we were staying or moving so as not to lose the garage completely we did part conversion I do have a light fitted with a fan, really good lighting and lots of it also a built in extraction unit on my desk to help with fumes & dust like I said it works at the moment but if business continues to grow the way it is I will be looking at a full conversion in the next 2 years. Just get started you will be surprised how much you can take to the tip or sell do a bootie we have a large shed in the garden so most of our stuff went in there what didnt fit is in the 3rd left over. It probably took 2 months all in all. Good Luck.
    Good luck for the 23rd on the conversion course.You will love it and the girls are great very helpfull.If you see kelly say hi from me.Let us know how you get on xx
    Hi sorry for the delay in getting back to you, when i bought the couch i was intending to use it for pedis but then realised thats the lower end dosnt go all the way down so the feet cant reeach if you get me. Great couch comfy and very strong but cant do my pedis.Thanks xx
    It's actually measuring 9ft x 9ft internally. My clients are well loving it!
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