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  • Hi everyone 1st post X
    I have been using Bio Sculpture for some years now, and to be honest never been truly happy !! My clients get lifting at the free edges , it's only the clients with the strong nails that last. !! Didn't like EVO , not as strong so just sticking to the silver pots , what's your fail safe methods for the best wearability ???
    , as I have been thinking of switching , but what too ??
    sleepingbeauty has been absent from Salon Geek since last year, so please create a new thread in the Nail forum with your Bio Sculpture questions.....welcome to the site too!
    Ah no that would be a shame as your nails are always so beautiful, I'm sure we were friends on Facebook but can't see you!
    Hope everything falls into place for you xx
    Ah thank you thats great, love the colours so will get a couple, how are you doing? x x
    Hi there, hows you? just about to put an order in and love the hollywood colors, how do you find the wear/application as have done some research and see there have been a few not happy xx
    I guess with 6 of you, it's difficult to find friends and family to put you all up! I hope you find something soon, must be really stressful!
    Are you seriously back in the uk? If so then i'm so sorry it all fell through for you, but i bet your clients are relieved! Best of luck for whatever you plan to do next x
    I remove far more off than the shine. In fact I've been filing right into the colour to speed the soakf off process. If S Gel is your finishing layer you'll find that that will take longer too. Remember the more gel layers the longer it will take... Heated mitts sound a good idea. Right now with ladies nails being well cold during this cold spell that don't help either ...

    I use the same method as you but I also use heated mitt, if you don't have them then use 2 wash mitts and sit on them with the heat applied check after 10 minutes
    Hi There
    I Was Wondering Exactly How You Remove Your Bio Gel? As Sometimes Its Taking Nearly 1 Hour and Im Not Sure What Im Doing Wrong? The Method I Use:
    File Off Shine
    Soak Cotton Square
    Wrap In Foil
    This Really Isnt Working For Me. Please Can You Help Me : ) x x x
    Wow your off to live in Aus, supper fabulous. I don't seem to be making any profit at all.... :(
    Hi sleeping beauty
    Can I please ask why you use sealer as a base layer and not straight on with sculpting? Just reading through some of your threads-totes agree about the pricing issue. I am stuck with £20 for nno. Seem to be spending so much on product to build up kit! Litterally a third of what I make goes on products-yet on training we were given a cost per set of under £5 which does not make sense! x
    Clients just need to remember their nails are NEVER to be used as tools & simply arent indestructable... If they go using them to pick at things especially cellotape then its gonna happen. Simple as that. They do the damage then they will have to expect repair costs...
    Having a pink base upon the layer can be too much if it is in zone 1 as well as 2 coats of No1 French, so if Im using that I tend to kept it out of that zone so that there arent too many layers (so thickness is kept to a minimum) to prevent lifting...
    Hiya, thanks for the message back. I went back to her before your reply and asked where it has lifted, was she doing anything out of the ordinary etc, she was using cellotape and it is just one corner of the free edge. I did advise not to use nail glue at the time but I will let her know this is an option - wasn't sure if it was sensible to suggest that. I used sculpting base, with French overlay (87 pink base, 1 layer of number 1 and flexi to finish - is there actually any way to stop lifting with this cellotape issue? I do work hard to cap my edges and its disappointing when it happens!x
    Hi Sleepingbeauty, ok so I was going to ask your advice on pricing for repairs etc, what do you charge - are you home based? I am mobile and was thinking of guaranteeing for 5 days - is this a bad idea? For example, I've just had a client message me - did them Saturday morning, says the gel has lifted on her thumb. What questions should I be asking, is it safe to presume this is not down to myself as it is 5 days in? What would you charge to go out to someone and repair? I can't afford to keep driving around for free nevermind just finding the time to fit in this sort of thing. I get worried about upsetting people but have to change this. Any advice would be appreciated x
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