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  • I use Lash Revolution Pro+
    It may be an idea to go back to your trainer to check your technique too, just to make sure you are doing everything properly. That, and a good glue should help you get the most from your lashes x
    Hi sweet,

    Yeah done it 22nd June - got an A!

    Have spoken to Nikki, she done her assessment last week and wanted a few tips and just a bit of reassurance really...she done great and got an A too!

    Della - bless her is struggling with time and practice.

    You will be fine - am positive of that, its not as bad as you think its gonna be!!!!
    Esther is really supportive and helps in any way she are A class all the way!

    Have built up a really good clientèle and am booked solid for 3 weeks at a time. Still at it only part time but full time is looming soon.

    How you doing...any sign of babies yet?
    Who are you insured with, must get that done asap!
    Are you going to the Beauty show at Olympia 19th September...looks good.
    Thanks for the message, I am just going to have fun with the kids for a while, i will contact bio later this week and talk to them, see what i can do. I have thought, just take my exam and see what happens, worse that happens is i fail, it is paid for now and you have to do it in 12 weeks or you lose it anyway. I can always pay again when i get my head round it. Thanks for your post though:hug:
    Hi, i think i got on ok, i can not waite to do my sculpting in july! just need to practice, practice, practice!!
    I dont seen to be getting many colours wanted iv been doing mainly french, i do have a few colors stocked in now though. i think i have 2016, 10, 96 and a black one can't remeber the number. i have the number 6 round brush i love it. I will keep u posted on any tips i pick up :) x
    Iv got the bio Towels to rest on but might get the rest eventually, iv done all the training and noones asked me for infills yet, they just keep asking for soak offs and the new colours so dont worry to mush im sure you will be ok. Im based in sutton-in-ashfield Nottingham. where are u based? x
    Hiya, yes i did buy the table its brill. Iv got my exam soon very nervous lol. Im not doing to bad had a few clients just trying to get up and running now :) x
    Wow....sorry, I've been working all day and only just got this. Maybe a little too late for your order. I see you've posted in the Bio group too....I'll answer in there if its OK, so it can benefit other people xx
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