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    Head jog ceramic brushes

    I’ve used the headjog ceramic brushes for 10 years now and never had a problem but this week I’ve gone through 2 brand new brushes today (the size 56) one has melted and one bent in half doing a curly blow!! Was just wondering if anyone else had encountered the same problem? Obviously going to...
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    Wella purple

    I know I really would never think what she has has come from a permanent colour but she’s absolutely adamant she doesn’t want any bleach! I might try and persuade her one more time and then just say well I can put a colour on but I can’t guarantee it’s going to be as vibrant as you want it 😬
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    Wella purple

    I’ve been thinking this that any Wella purple isnt going to be bright enough. She is adamant that she just has permanent colour though but to look at it it definitely looks like it’s been lightened first the a vivid over the top but I have never come across revlon colours so wouldn’t have a...
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    Wella purple

    Hi got a new client coming in for colour...it’s short and atm quite bright purple. She is naturally about base 6 with about 20% grey. She says previous salon used revlon colour and then colour ball after. I use Wella and would normally bleach or highlight it first to get it bright but she says...