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  • In a few weeks we'll be moaning that it's too hot LOl
    Saw lightning in the sky on our way home tonight, fingers crossed it stays in the distance!
    Hubby said the weather forecast here for the next few days was pants... :rolleyes: x
    The UK is basking in sunshine... and over here you get hail and we had a storm overnight with hammering rain... yep, it's definitely Easter weekend lol... don't know which is worse, your weather or ours!!! x
    Hello, just seen that you live in Spain.....where are you, I am near to Orihuela (45min south of Alicante)!
    I was just thinking about you yesterday and having a laugh ... remember when we cried with laughing over simon and the GM?? I still crack up when I think about it. Time you updated me with what you are doing chica.
    Hey Caroline, good to see you online again. We are gonna have to try catch up again soon, get in touch love xxx
    Hi hun just thought I would drop by and say Hi as not been onb here much since the event, hope you are well, and business is going good for you, busy busy busy lol. xxx
    Do you fancy a chat on skype but just happy stuff?? Sorry things arnt good for you either but together we might cheer each other up! xxxxx
    Hi love, just logged in to see if you are on, fancy telling me all about the event?? Hope your well :hug: :hug:

    anne xx
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