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  • Absolutly, you needed someone to make sure you were alright:twisted:
    Got my lamp today woo hoo, I'm doing paper work and all I want to do is play, being good is killing me:(
    Where's the photo's then? We must do that again sometime, the next event me thinks?
    Hi, good to hear from you. Was really tired last night was in bed at 8 and woke at 3am, typical me eh! I'll be online Sat and Sun night. Hope you had a fab time xxxx
    hi love hows you, are you back home yet. Did you enjoy yourself and do you fancy telling me all about it?? xxx
    hiya, I'm home safe nd sound.glad you got back safe.
    I've had the most amazing weekend, fab everything nd fab company.
    oh this is my email when you've got a few mins to spare could you send me those pics that you took..even the murderer one pmsl x
    hi no havnt used minx before but have had it applied to my toes according to my freind who used to use minx the differences are minx has more patterns but blixz is aot cheaper
    Well you defo improving. I am arriving late Fri eve prob about 9.30 - 10 pm with Emmsybabes (emma) & busybee (Jen), so will prob see you at the BAR! lol, Thanks for the loan of the bag will return it to you Sun morn. xx
    Thank you soooo much, your very kind the bag is a perfect colour, will remind you. xxxx
    Your nails are looking good, Lovel barrell shot, dont be so hard on yourself at least you are aware of where you need to take care ..... and that could be due to your file technique, gotta be an improvement on what you say where shovels! lol
    Hi hun, I can't find the group. I've even done a search on it. Would you be able to send me the link please. x
    Hey Smartypantz. Thanks for the message hun. Where is that group you mentioned hun? xx
    You're very welcome :hug:
    I'm not counting until my son has gone back on the 15th, it'll be less sleeps by then lol x
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