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  • hey, when you get chance we need to discuss whether you want to have breakfast when we are at the Event cos its gonna be a bit if a rush. I'll ring the hotel today and find out what the price difference will be. Speak soon :hug: :hug:

    anne xx
    just want to say you frenchies are so cute! we have pugs but my bot friend wants a frenchie n i want a boston its such a hard choose but i think after seeing urs im quite likeing the frenchies now lol!!! x
    hey love, hows you, fancy a chat?? got lots to tell you need some advice too!!
    Oooh I see there's somethin' strange afoot at the circle k.. pmsl!! :lol:

    Hey thanks a mill for the comments on my smile lines.. I think they're crap.. they need to be smile more and be crispier :) .. I use a flat square shaped brush and find it easier to do them with it and wipe it on a lint free wipe with a small amount of alcohol
    :hug:Awh I gave you your first rep??? ha ha it took me a while to figure out that you have to click on the Go Advanced button to get the little smile and hug icons up..
    Hi...have ben reading your post and saw your frenchie pic. I also have a french bulldog, he´s 3 now and called Rocky. ABsolutely adorable! Your 2 look really cute!!
    Well I am admiring that avatar of your dogs! I was thinking they were Boston Terriers, but then your profile page says that you like French Bulldogs, so I'm guessing they're actually Frenchies, but with similar markings to Bostons...
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