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  • Hello so sorry about the late reply I am always on the app on my phone and these visitor messages dont come through! I found out about it as Fingernail fixer posted it on Facebook and I seen it there. Oh also I called up to ask about stock availability and the woman told me. I usually travel through there for my stock and its a fun wee place and the staff are always on hand if you need any help.

    I actually did go through today and get the new colours plus some more bits and bobs. Did you go through yourself? If not you can give them a call on 01313333180 and they can post your stock out to you but they had plenty today!

    Again, sorry about the late rteply. x
    i have as new condition wax heater with chocolate in at mo and 3 more 1kg wax tubs - there are unopened and unused hand and feet booties, boxes of polythene protectors and instructions. Its a good size you could put your foot in it. I bought tale end of last year but decided not to offer the service. Im open to a reasonable offer?
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